Benson Kimari

Benson, aged 24, is an example of someone who has developed and used Pendo Amani Leadership development opportunity to the fullest potential. As a result, Benson has experienced successes in Media Skills and also growth of his character. “Pendo Amani is important to me and has helped me to develop my photography and video editing skills and as a young leader.”

Through his involvement in the organization, Benson has also experienced personal growth. When he initially began attending Pendo Amani activities back then in 2012, he focused on football organizing and he displayed commitment and leadership and was always working with other young people showing great team skills and collaboration.

As soon as we launched computer and media skills vocational program, he showed his enthusiasm and was among the first students. Most importantly, Benson showed leadership and was appointed as the media lead and contact person, a position that he holds to date.

As a leader and volunteer at Pendo Amani, Benson is now looking to the future. He plans to refine his skills over the next year and would like to attend a prestigious Media college and advance.