Beatrice Kalekye

She is in charge of the learning center, a violin trainer and a lead facilitator giving children and youth a safe learning environment. She joined Pendo Amani, while in high school and she has developed as a leader and this gives her confidence and a sense of pride in her community.

As a peer leader, her new confidence and leadership, comes from her time and engagement in the organization. Beatrice is determined to support young people with tools and information that would enable them create a positive change in their own lives. “Amidst the social challenges facing our youth, I want to help them to grow with a sense of purpose, each day I seek ways to enhance their social skills through music and organizing discussion forums targeting young girls.”

It is through the voluntary time and inspiring story of Beatrice, that enabled us to reach out to as many youths in Juja, and especially young adolescents girls.