Zainabu Maumo

Zainabu joined our Dance program at the age of 13. She is now a leader of the dance program, organizing dance sessions and also helps young girls to realize their potential by encouraging them to stay safe in the community.

“I started my volunteer work at PendoAmani immediately after my high school in 2017. I chose dance since it’s my passion and had some level of experience.” Zainab explains.

In the last years, Zainabu has been involved in mobilizing and organizing young children through dance, giving them energy, identity and inspiration.

“It is important for me to underline that the valuable experience I had gained from my starting in PendoAmani, empowered me and led my steps towards personal development and therefore I feel the need to continue supporting young girls to find their inner strength and identity.”

The dance program at PendoAmani is about bringing joy and happiness in the life of young people. We are in the constant of helping young people to express themselves and meet up with realities of life. In this meeting point they identify their strengths and improve on their weaknesses, shared through love.

“The dance program has helped me to know myself better and explore horizons without limits in my creativity. Being empowered from young age has defined my path. I now teach dance in some of the primary schools and this helps me to be more and more creative and grow my knowledge and skills.” She adds.

And through this dance program, we desire to continue creating stories without end.