Miriam Libuko

Miriam joined PendoAmani while in High School in 2014 and shares her dance journey as a student in dance and now a volunteer trainer in the dance program.

“coming to PendoAmani was about following my instincts, I saw how my peers were involved and encouraged to develop and grow, and immediately I requested the trainers to allow me to join the program. In my heart, I knew I had made the right choice and would enable me develop my skills and become a choreographer.”

Since joining PendoAmani, Miriam has developed her leadership skills through training, exposure and engagement in the different programs that the organization offers. She has a seeking and curious spirit that has enabled her to gain hands on experience in facilitation, organizing and coordination of various activities at the center. “I have gained so much in the last years of voluntary work at PendoAmani, I have managed to tackle issues relating to young girls, participate in community building activities as well as lead discussions with parents about their children.”

Miriam is currently pursuing dance, yoga and acrobatic career with a local organization. Bringing much of her learning back to the dance program, something that most of the children appreciate and are excited about. We feel that the dance program, is giving the dancers an opportunity to discover their inner self and they are able to pursue their dreams with clarity.

“I want to fulfil my mission in more depth, it is taking shape with my training and I hope to be a good choreographer and youth trainer.”