Nakileto Lubalu

He started his journey to Kenya in 2000 from a Ng’atuba village in war torn South Sudan and settled in Kakuma for a couple of years. He later found his way to Juja in search for place to live and education, running away from harsh conditions at the refugee camp in Kakuma.

He was settled in Juja and was supported by his uncle together with his cousins. In many ways, Nakileto was an outsider when we met him in 2012. As a South Sudanese, and like many others in Juja, he was unfamiliar with the community context and they always spent much time together as refugee and identity that they felt was too much since the community did nothing to integrate them.

Naki as he is mostly known by his peers, loved to play football and athletics. He was introduced to PendoAmani by the sports teachers from Gachororo Primary School and has since then been active both as a player and a leader. And through football and his own determination and ambition, Naki became a community mobilizer and a role model to the young people.

Although he did not understand the cultural context in Juja, he was inspired through PendoAmani, he learned how to embrace it and in doing so, he has become a leader and community mobilizer. The programme coordinator (Pius Amunga) is so proud of him: “Nakileto has shown so much growth, learning how to organize and manage the football league as well as playing the trumpet and being a leader on his team. The other youth look up to him.”

Nakileto adds, “My experience at PendoAmani has been amazing. I have learned so much that I can apply in my everyday life.”