Siegfried Mwanzali: Experience in Sweden 4th – 18th February, 2019

One of my first ever taste of Snow came about this February. I was offered an opportunity to attend Musical Exchange programme between Motala Culture School and PendoAmani. The aim of the visit was to explore and learn how the culture school organize their musical programme and children and youth development.

I was hosted by families which enabled me to learn more about the Swedish Culture, language and experience family life. The snow experience was exciting, looked quite simple on the surface but was difficult to navigate. I tried to ski and didn’t do that bad…excellent baby steps.

I interacted with music teachers and trainers and experienced how they used music to empower young people. I joined different musical classes and saw how the teachers and students were committed and eager to engage in learning how to play the instrument. The difference with our program was that students have their own instruments and this gives them enough time to practice and improve on their skills. This is quite different from our music program where students come to experience the instruments at the center and used by multiple students.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to Hans Peter Rubber, Bjorn Ekstrom and Tommy for hosting me and to Mimmi Ericsson for coordinating my stay in Sweden. Special thanks to all those that donated instruments to PendoAmani as they will go far in helping young people realize their full potential.