Eva Arud & Sira Jokinen Lisse Visit to PendoAmani

Eva and Sira visited Kenya courtesy of Globe Tree and participated in various activities in preparation for the UNEP 50 years celebration in 2022. During their visit, they had a chance to visit PendoAmani Youth Organization and joined Zinduka Girls Empowerment Forum. They shared about their experience working with Women from different parts of the world, giving them the opportunity to learn from each other in a new culture. They were so happy and listened to young girls’ stories and perspectives on issues related to Gender Based
Violence and how these issues are propagated in the community with little intervention.

They were presented with inspiring traditional African dance and they enjoyed every beat of it. The young women & girls expressed the need to learn how art has been used to create a level platform where women can openly share with each other. They also engaged Zinduka participants in creative design; where they used paper boards, glitters, mirrors and beautiful paints. They were able to design beautiful wall hanging as a take home. They encouraged the participants to use the mirrors to define positive self and in confidence express themselves in all that they do. “Inspiring potential, Realizing dreams”